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It seems a good thing when it comes to dial and handset, and the best replica Cartier doesn’t often mess with their trademark attributes. Therefore, expect the expected: Roman numerals, blued sword hands and guilloche centre detail. It’s a simple design, but not boring. There’s enough information here, from the multiple dial finishes, through to the well-designed date and the secret signature to reward close examination. And of course it all looks elegant under that softly domed sapphire crystal.copy cartier
If the dial is traditional replica Cartier, the case is where the brand has flexed their design prowess. The circle in an oval case design manages to look at once classic and contemporary, with a healthy dash of ’70s retro thrown in. And then there’s the novel key shaped crown, set with a blue synthetic spinel. All told, this 40mm case makes quite an impression. It works because the fake Cartier lived and breathed through all these eras. If a younger brand tried to pull of these look it would look overly self-conscious at best. But because Cartier is Cartier, it just works. The Cle looks good in steel as well, with the same finishes as the white gold version. You’d be hard pressed to tell the difference without feeling the weight in your hands.
Like the real one, the steel Cle uses the 1847 MC, a newly developed workhorse that’s nicely, if not extravagantly, finished. That it’s an in house movement, geared towards robustness and reliability is a point in the cheap replica Cartier’s favor, but the 42 hours of power reserve isn’t as impressive as it could be in an era where 72 hours seems to be the new normal.
The steel Cle is supplied on a matching bracelet, in the same style as the gold versions. It’s a particular design, with brushed centre links and alternating wide and narrow outer links. Visually it looks distinctive, with many surfaces and finishes for light to bounce around on. For me though it’s not the most comfortable design in steel (gold might wear better or softer – but I’ve not tried it). The finish was also not as fine as I thought, and nor did it feel substantial, compared to similar offerings from the likes of the replica Rolex or Omega. However, It’s obvious that the replica Cartier is making a concerted assault on men’s wrists this year, and it’s a campaign with many fronts.