New Hermes fashion element added to Apple Watch

“What more contemporary and relevant expression of this principle could there be than this collaboration with Apple replica watches.” The Apple Watch Hermes will be accessible to October. All the watches have the Hermes signature etched onto the case and the face is customizing.
The wearer can switch among three exclusive dial designs inspired by the brand’s Clipper, Cape Cod and Escape watches. A good like this is pretty hard to find and even the quality of the materials used is outstanding and probably the main reason why the watch looks so amazing in the first place. During the press event held Wednesday in Cupertino, the tech giant unveiled the Apple Watch Hermes, including the Cape Cod, a timepiece innovated in conjunction with the iconic French fashion house that has a stainless steel case, leather straps in diverse colors and interchangeable digital dials inspired by several of the brand’s most famous styles. It might not look pretty at first sight, but deep-down it’s beautiful.
There are three versions of Apple Watch Hermes: Double Tour (a strap that wraps twice around the wrist), which retails for $1,250 and comes with the 38 mm case merely; Single Tour (a simple single strap), which retails for $1,100 in the 38 mm size and $1,150 in the 42 mm size; and the Cuff (a thicker strap) that pairs merely with the 42 mm case and retails for $1,500.

Apple as well claimed Wednesday that it has offered new aluminum cases of gold and rose gold finishes to the Apple Watch Sport, its lowest-priced smart replica rolex watches, Sport bands in lavender, “antique white,” “stone,” and midnight blue as well. Additionally, there is a new 18-karat rose gold version of its top-tier smartwatch, the Apple replica watches Edition, with a midnight blue strap ($15,000). At Best Buy and at a handful of select retailers, Apple Watch is sold at Apple stores, online. There are merely two specialty jewelers in the world that currently carry the timepiece, Malmaison by The Hour Glass in Singapore and London Jewelers in New York.

“At Hermes, we strive to provide our clients with elegant, creative and functional objects for their everyday lives,” said executive Pierre-Alexis Dumas. The gold- and rose gold-finished smartwatches are priced at $349 (38 mm) and $399 (42 mm). (Apple did not respond when asked for more detail on the composition of its gold aluminum and rose gold aluminum finishes.)